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What’s next for modulR?

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We are fortunate to work with some of the most advanced iPad deployments to date. Businesses, schools, hospitals and organizations all reinventing their workspace and workflow with the iPad.  Our products are continually advanced based on the needs of this mobile workforce. In fact, we have several industry specific solutions in production and several more in development.

One such product looking for a suitable home in retail, hospitality or service is our bluetooth security case and stand. Featuring modulR’s patented case with several additional patents pending, we aimed to break down the barrier between security and mobility for the iPad.  Currently in development, we would love to hear if there is interest in bringing this to full production. Sign up below and we will let you know how it develops.

Completely Secure. Completely Mobile.


+ Featuring an innovative bluetooth locking mount combined with a modulR rugged case and utility glove.


+ Lock/unlock the iPad with quick and easy keypad access
+ Built-in charging for wire-free and worry-free maintenance


+ Military-grade shock protection, ergonomic carrying solution
+ Rotate for portrait or landscape orientation


What’s Next for Apple’s iPad mini and Air?

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At modulR, we focus on the iPad user experience. How do people interact with the iPad and the different environments around them? We then design and manufacture protective, versatile cases and accessories designed to maximize the iPad’s comfort and purpose.

Like most Apple enthusiasts, we’ve been intrigued with Apple’s patents and investments into motion sensing, sapphire glass, Touch ID and 3D user interfaces.  Our hope is a future where user interaction is intuitive beyond touch, where anticipation of user intention and understanding of finger engagement gives way to completely new device experiences.



+ New zero edge Sapphire crystal display with advanced motion sensing integrated directly into the top and bottom of the iPad will offer a completely new viewing and interaction experience.


+ 3D Gesture Control will allow you to rotate, move and swipe through simple motions on the screen.

modulR iPhone 6




+ The Smart Panel Dock will make it easier to customize your experience to your habits. Everything you might need will be easily accessible without having to navigate through so many layers.


+ Hovering over either side of the screen will reveal the Smart Panel Dock allowing for more intuitive multitasking, notifications, and Control Center integration.

iPad Mini 2015



+ Finger print identification will work on the entire screen and bottom bezel.


+ With Touch ID integrated directly into iOS, the entire front display and bottom bezel will discern your finger from other conductive sources. So the iPad will know how to recognize the touch of your finger while ignoring unwanted influences.


apple ipad mini air iphone



+ A new iDevice awareness for its surroundings including GPS, IP Address, iBeacon ID, Motion ID and Touch ID+.


+ The new home button will be digital and it will glow if the iPad is moved from rest or when a hand hovers over it.


Apple’s Orchard growing in Retail

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“While the tech press is obsessed with Apple’s plans for an iWatch and a new Apple TV device, it’s instructive to pay closer attention to the business CEO Tim Cook is actually already building.”

In Jim Edward’s recent article, Apple Is Already Building Its Next Massive Business And No One Seems To Have Noticed, Mr. Edward’s highlights Apple’s Touch ID and iBeacon initiatives and makes the case for why these will lead to a massive disruption in the retail space.

As for Touch ID, beyond a secure means to access your phone, this technology is providing a friction-free way to online (and soon off-line) purchases.

In addition, the iBeacon platform is setting the stage for “a mobile retail marketing infrastructure across the U.S.”  This technology will allow localized communication with devices and retail environments.

For a full read check out the article on Business Insider.

modulR Releases World’s Thinnest Shock Case for the iPad Mini Retina and Air

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Louisville, KY February 06, 2014

modulR LLC, maker of mobility accessories for the iPad and other tablet devices announced the launch of its patented iPad case system with click-to-fit accessories for the new iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display.

“These new iPads continue to set the standard for workforce mobility,” said Josh Beatty, modulR’s founder and CEO, “and modulR is excited to release the World’s Thinnest Shock-proof Case plus the most Versatile Accessory System available for mobile workers and iPad enthusiasts alike.”

modulR’s patented node system allows for interchangeable straps and mounts to make the iPad easily adaptable to countless work environments and workflows. Coupled with the World’s Thinnest Shock-proof Case, modulR has the premier iPad case and accessories system available, earning it a spot in the 2014 iLounge buyer’s guide and critical acclaim since its launch in 2010.

Most tough cases force people to trade protection for thickness – transforming the low-profile iPad into a bulky device. modulR’s cases are designed to preserve the slim form-factor of the iPad and keep it comfortable while offering military-grade protection. In addition, modulR’s Air and Retina Case come with an innovative Flip Cover that attaches to the front and back of the case. The cover integrates modulR’s patented nodes, making attachment to a range of task-based accessories, including straps, stands and mounts simple, while maintaining easy iPad access.

“Our focus is on meeting the needs of today’s millennial and mobile workforce through a system that is tough yet super-slim, simple yet extremely versatile and maximizes the iPad’s comfort and purpose,” said Beatty. “modulR’s patented click-to-fit technology is designed to integrate with any workflow and keep mobile workers mobile.”

modulR’s iPad Mini Mobility Pack includes Shock-Proof Case | Flip Cover | Hand Strap | Shoulder Strap | Wrist Strap

modulR’s iPad Air Pack includes Shock-Proof Case | Flip Cover | Universal Utility Glove

Both packs are available now for $49.99 at and through Other iPad cases and a complete line of accessories are available at -


Getting the ‘pulse’ of the iPad in Healthcare

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It’s been over four years since the original iPad launched and industries have moved from test to trial to total deployment of the device.  Even in industries anemic to change like healthcare, the iPad has proven itself a fully functional and integral part of today’s workflow. In her article for Computer Weekly, Caroline Baldwin tells the story of a hospital’s embrace of the iPad and its pace for integration into different parts of the healthcare environment.

In the past, the iPad has been a great tool for accessing information on the go and administrative purposes. This has primed hospitals for the efficiencies that come with tablet solutions, but security concerns and legacy system integrations have prevented full implementation of such devices. Now this is changing. More secure and better applications are allowing the iPad greater access to patient care and integration with other hospital protocols. The hospital in Baldwin’s article, for example, is currently in the process of setting up a clinical portal to provide a variety of iPad-supported applications. This portal will deliver clinical apps through the browser and could allow a clinician to pull up a pathology report or a radiology scan at the patient’s bedside, freeing the clinician from the restriction of a full workstation or PC.

In addition to improving a hospital’s operations and bottom line, the goal is for iPads and devices to improve patient interactions, by addressing a few of consumers’ top gripes about hospital visits, including slow communication of results, rushed visits and long waits.  The good news is that there is a lot of improvement to be had.

Wearables Still a Step Removed

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From Fitbits to Pebbles to Pivotheads, wearable devices have begun to flood the market   While each smart device communicates with our phones or tablets, these wearables aren’t telling our primary devices what they don’t already know. In fact, the iPhone in your pocket knows much more than you do. For example, download the new Fitbit App for the iPhone 5s and you will see that your phone has been tracking you all along – only no one unlocked the information before now.

The iPhone 5s, iPad mini Retina, and iPad Air all now come with the most advanced M7 motion chips, and these devices are the ones that you already take with you. Your iPad knows when it is picked up, handed to someone else, or even dropped. Applications that take into account how people are holding, handling and interacting with devices, will provide better user and environmental experiences.

A modulR Fix to Applebee’s iPad Problem

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Applebee’s recently announced that they were installing over 100,000 tablets in all of their restaurant locations.

‘Jay Johns, a senior vice president for DineEquity (DIN), which runs Applebee’s and IHOP, says the devices open a new competitive front. He argues that tablets will allow a level of customization currently available only through online services.’ - excerpt from Businessweek

Notably, Applebee’s chose not to use Apple’s iPad in their deployment, instead going with independent tablet manufacturer E La Carte, makers of Presto.

Major factors in the decision for going against an iPad were that they tend to break, get stolen and have no external battery backup.

That got us thinking, there is no reason not to use the iPad (outside of pure price).  However, there are plenty of reasons to use the iPad including technology ecosystem (iPhone, iBeacon), breadth of function and applications (from games to operational needs).

With a modulR Security Case (coming 2014) and a Table Top Charging Stand, the benefits of an iPad deployment and versatility of a modulR system become a very appetizing option.

iBeacon Fuses our Digital and Physical Worlds, Revolutionizes Operations

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At modulR, we spend our days keeping the digital world and the physical world seamlessly tied together. We focus on the users, where they are and what they’re doing, and we make sure that nothing gets between them and the information on their devices. With Apple turning on iBeacon in their retail stores last week, Apple furthered this connection of software, hardware and the physical world.

The iBeacon will revolutionize the relevance of mobile devices in our physical environments by creating a hyperlocal network that will recognize and communicate with other devices as well as standalone iBeacons.

Beyond making your iPhone buzz every time you step into an Apple Store, iBeacon will create opportunities for better device integration at every level of an organization’s operation. Mobile devices that know, in real time, the precise location of every employee, every customer and every piece of inventory in the supply chain – we’re about to redefine ‘connectivity’.

Kyle VanHemert (@kvanhemert) over at WIRED Design (@Wired_Design) lays out the tech as well as the major areas iBeacon is already influencing, from retail user experience to the peer-to-peer positioning system that will mimic (and thensome) GPS without ever pinging a satellite.

Read the full article HERE.

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