The modulR system configures to fit a business’s exact needs, helping them discover a simple and secure way for employees to protect, transport, and easily access the iPad on the road, in the field or at the office.

modulR’s mobile iPad solutions are used by leading brands and companies across the country, including Caterpillar. Caterpillar manufactures sophisticated industrial machinery which requires a hands-on sales process with prospective customers.  From trade shows to job sites, the Caterpillar sales force utilizes the iPad wherever their business takes them to give presentations, answer questions, talk with interested parties and better serve their clients’ needs.

Caterpillar needed a way to secure, handle and better utilize the iPad at trade show events and on the move. modulR’s mobile iPad solutions, including the case, hand and shoulder strap, provided associates with increased versatility, portability and protection for their iPads – greatly enhancing the company’s use of the device.

“The iPad has been revolutionary tool for our sales force, but it’s modulR’s truly innovative system that enables our team to get the most out of the device. We’re selling Caterpillar equipment in locations ranging from trade shows and  construction sites to show rooms and board rooms. ModulR serves as the perfect solution for our sales team, allowing us to use the iPad for interactive, hands-on presentations in any environment.”
- Archie Lyons, Caterpillar


“As a physician carrying an iPad, modulR gives me freedom to move throughout the hospital while having easy access to the device at all times. Whether I’m with a patient, in my office or making rounds, the modulR system ensures my iPad is able to keep up, while adding versatility and protection as well. The fact that it can be safely wiped clean is also an important benefit when it comes to working in any health care environment.”

Richard George, M.D., Chief of Trauma

Wired article: Apple’s Secret Plan to Steal Your Doctor’s Heart


 “Last year we purchased our first modulR iPad cases with the shoulder strap for our staff to use while on-site as we manage conventions.   The product is so sturdy and reliable. We especially like being able to have both hands free while we do our jobs yet be able to have all the event information available at our fingertips.   (It is very common for meeting managers to put down and lose our critical checklists, reports and other important documents due to the hectic pace of working in convention centers and hotels.  Its great to be able to easily hang on to all our information.) It has also increased our productivity and client satisfaction on-site because we can now carry all the necessary information on the iPad allowing us to solve problems and answer questions immediately.  We cannot thank you enough for this great new business tool.”

-Paul R. Henning, Conference & Logistics Consultants, Inc



“The modulR case, hand strap and swing mount have been essential in helping us protect and handle the iPad. In a bar environment a lot goes on and the last thing I need to be worrying about is where I last sat down the iPad.”

- Melanie Tapp, General Manager



“We are really in love with modulR. The case is sturdy and durable and the strap is perfect for using the iPad as a communication device with our students.”

- Sarah Smith, Linwood Middle School/Autism Spectrum Disorders Program



modulR has been used by hundreds of retails to better deploy and utilize the iPad at retail  Carrying, handling and holding solutions designed to keep up with the iPad constantly on the go.